Unlocking Tarot Secrets: Power of Earth, Air, Fire & Water in Readings”

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The Four Elements

Tarot, my obsession if of course an ancient and revered art & has intrigued individuals for centuries. At the very core of this mystical practice lie the fundamental elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. When seeking tarot answers, understanding these elements can provide profound psychic insights into one’s life. If you’ve ever wondered how the elements impact tarot interpretations, you’re in the right place.

1. Earth – Grounding and Material World Connected primarily with the suit of Pentacles in tarot, the Earth element represents stability, prosperity, and physical manifestations. If you find a lot of Earth cards in your reading, it’s a hint towards focusing on practical aspects like work & your career. A professional Tarot reading using pentacles as the significator can provide a deeper look in to your material world.

Top Tip: When seeking a tarot reading centred on career guidance, focus on the influence of the Earth element for practical insights.

2. Air – Thoughts and Communication Linked with the suit of Swords, Air is all about intellect, thoughts, and communication. It can indicate new ideas, mental challenges, or conflicts that need clear communication. An abundance of Air cards suggests a need to think logically and communicate your ideas effectively. Choosing the swords as a basis for a personal psychic consultation is guaranteed to spark ideas as to where your paths set to lead.

Top Tip: For those learning about tarot, emphasising the clarity and communicative power of the Air element cards can boost your understanding of the role of the Suit of Swords.

3. Fire – Passion and Energy Represented by the suit of Wands, the Fire element signifies inspiration, energy, and passion. This element encourages action and drive. If Fire cards dominate your spread, it’s time to harness your energy and move forward with confidence.

Top Tip: Engage in your readings with fiery enthusiasm. Any reputable psychic services online will pride themselves on passionate readers who know all about fire and passion in Tarot readings.

4. Water – Emotions and Intuition Associated with the suit of Cups, Water dives deep into the realm of emotions, relationships, and intuition. An influx of Water cards in your reading can hint at strong emotional tides or intuitive insights coming your way.

Top Tip: Content that touches on the emotional depth of tarot readings, particularly the Water element, can resonate deeply with you as a reader or sitter & should not be underestimated. Far from being ‘tall dark strangers’ tarot readings can stir deep seated emotion & should be treated with respect.

In Conclusion: Tarot is a harmonious blend of the elements, guiding seekers through life’s challenges and celebrations. By understanding the influence of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in tarot, you can gain a richer, more nuanced view of their psychic readings.

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