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The Power of the Planets reveal Your path


Your Self Overall


Expand your experience, try things beyond your normal choices. Focus on your situation & prioritise what you want to do, not what you have to do.

Matters Concerning Your Home (The Moon Card)

The Seven of Wands Reversed

A meeting contains messages that are not strictly true. Obtain confirmation from else where, trust your instincts. A blue car is significant.

Matters Concerning Business, Skills and Integrity (The Card of Mercury)

Five of Cups

You are seeking happiness, you need to escape a period of change. You need to clear the air with someone close. Put your cards on the table, you will feel empowered. A freindship has suffered, arrange a meeting as this person is important.

Matters Concerning Love (The Card of Venus)

Page of Swords Reversed

Expect the unexpected. Inane behavior may hamper you. Cunning may be called for. An aquaintance infuriates, delay is possible, you must be creative in handling meetings. A white lie will be obvious, put yourself beyond reproach.

Matters Concerning Hostility, Opposition and Aggression (The Card of Mars)

Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Break out of your comfort zone. Do not project a poor version of yourself. Release insecurity, your opinions will be valued. A long held grudge should be reversed.

Matters of Finance, Acquisition and Wealth (The Card of Jupiter)

The Queen of Wands Reversed

Cool off before confronting issues, do you really have all the information you need to get results ?. An unexpected journey needs hasty planning, check documents.

Matters of the Intellect (The Card of Saturn)

King of Swords

Seek advice from a long term friend. Involvement with those in authority is a challenge. A person who has opposing views to you should be avoided. Be strong, make a choice, you will develop leadership in close relationships.

The Outcome

The World Reversed

You are more conscious that everything is connected. Embrace life, you must now foster a positive attitude. Be careful to finish what you start, do not fear changes.