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Page of Cups

page of cups tarot meaning

Reveal your truth

Communication, Messages, Joy

Prince of the Chariot of the Waters

The model for this card is no longer with us, though I believe still lives on in everyone of his friends. This Page of Cups often visits me in my dreams, to help me process events in my life. A colourful fish surprises this creative young man as it emerges from an ornate cup. Before a gentle sky a field of red tulips represent fluctuating emotions.

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The Fish on this card is a dual symbol of creativity & emotional intelligence. The creativity needs to be channelled if it is to be of benefit to the questioner. Often extremely creative individuals are incapable of using their talents to their advantage. My Page is a perfect example of this, he is represented as I said by a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us. Were he to be I’m sure he would agree that although he was a fantastically talented designer and illustrator he simply could not turn his ability in to any product that could support him. He was endlessly scribbling fantastic ideas, unfortunately he never found a commercial outlet for his artistic endeavors. The red tulips can symbolise perfect true love is available to the questioner if they can only learn to keep their emotions in check, any damaging traits, such as a jealous nature need to be addressed before the message from the Page can help in the development of relationships. The very basis of the Cups suit is the flow of water representing the emotions, the colours of this card combined with the gently rolling clouds tell us that when The Page appears we must be careful to keep our emotions in check as they may overwhelm our rational decision making process, we must be careful not to let our heart lead our head. The secondary meaning of the fish is that we are to expect news from an unexpected source, in this card the fish is passing on information that will ultimately be of our benefit if we are prepared to listen attentively. As the fish emerges we can expect a burst of creativity to course through our life, a new project will inspire us. If the Page in the spread appears to you as a real person then they will be an inspirational young energetic person who sparks off of you to fire your enthusiasm.

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The Page indicates a person who is extremely sensitive, I have known the page on several occasions to represent someone who was developing psychic abilities, especially clairaudience, the ability to hear outside of the normal range or even from paranormal sources. I have mentioned this to several questioners who confirmed this by saying ” Oh yes I heard that just as i was waking ” as if this is the most normal thing in the world. The message in the Page of Cups, as with all cups is new beginnings, new opportunities possibly even physical births. If the questioner is a pregnant woman then she can expect a sensitive artistic child. If we are sensitive emotionally & have recurrent emotional problems, perhaps by always assuming that things are our fault, or failing to voice our opinions when we really know that we should to help prevent resentment building. The Page has one final lesson, we need to stay with these emotions until we are at the edge of our comfort zone in order to build our resilience, only by facing the turbulence of the suit of cups can we hope to bring our emotions under control. The Page of Cups – Temper you creativity, Listen for unexpected advice. The special talent of the Page is to provide the gentle encouragement to reveal the energy in everyone. Lovely Stuart appears on this card, he left us many years ago but lives on in my heart everyday.

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