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King of Pentacles

king of pentacles tarot meaning

Ambition & success

Mastery, Industry, Creativity

King of the Spirits of Earth

The King of Pentacles is a modern King who has mastery over all he touches. The grapes indicate that he is able to harvest success from any situation. The image of the bull is obscured by an astrological chart, this indicates that though this King is undoubtedly successful he is in touch with the more esoteric aspects of life

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The King of Pentacles when he appears in your reading is hinting that you need to use your abilities wisely to enhance your life & the lives of those who are important to you. An association with Aries or Taurus means that the card often warns that the seeker needs to curb their natural temperament, to always be aware that their fiery persona may overwhelm. The image of the Tower often indicates in a reading that a connection with Europe or the middle east is significant. The soaring plane hints at international success & worldly knowledge, the golden pentacle of course indicates financial success though the King of Pentacles keeps his success in perspective. An enjoyable life, creativity & a keen interest in culture are the main traits associated with this King.

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An underlying meaning of this card is that compulsive behaviour needs to be identified & controlled. When the King has accepted these aspects of his personality mastery of any field he enters is guaranteed. The King is a natural leader with highly developed social skills, emotionally the King is centred with a developed spiritual side that gives him almost extra sensory skill to instantly read any situation. The King knows instinctively how to motivate people as he has experienced life to the full, he freely gives advice that though may appear blunt, will certainly be useful.

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