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Five of Swords

five of swords tarot meanings

Choose your battles

Indecision, Uneasiness, Inhibition

Lord of Defeat

Take a hit on a minor loss in order to move towards a positive outcome. Swallow your words, accept a challenging opinion, be the bigger guy.

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The Five of Swords indicates that we have accepted our limitations, that we have considered our position and are willing to accept losses in order to move towards a positive outcome. It when the seeker draws this card I often sense that disquiet around their personal relationships has left them resentful and wishing to seek revenge. The lesson here is that the only option is to be magnanimous, resign ourselves to any blocks in our path, and walk away with our pride intact.

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The two badly placed swords suggest that we are feeling overpowered or dominated in some way and that we must accept vulnerability to rise above the situation, stepped back and accept that through defeat we will only emerge stronger. The Five of Swords in conjunction with the previous card from the suit warns against striving for too much, we should only take on battles that we are confident we can emerge from victorious. The Five of Swords – Revenge is pointless, remember Karma is a powerful force.

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