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Tap in to Your Authentic Power



You the Significator and Your Life Force

Ace of Swords

A burst of imagination needs controlling. Channel the great energy you have now. You will enter a period of activity that excites. You must deliver on a promise.

That Which Influences Your Thoughts

Eight of Swords Reversed

You have hemmed yourself in. You feel trapped but only you can decide to release yourself. Things are not as bad as first expected.

That Which Influences Your Emotions

Knight of Swords Reversed

Self destructive behaviour should be watched for, stress is possible. Channel energy into exercise or relaxation. Be very careful not to pressure others to follow your way, remain neutral. A volatile situation needs diffusing.

That Which Influences Your Spirit


Justice tells you to decide your true desires. What would really make you happy. An uncomfortable decision may be approaching, you will make the right choice & return balance to your life.

That Which Influences Your Physical Self

Ace of Cups Reversed

Beware of infatuation, keep your feet on the ground. A town square with a fountain or a pond with birds features in a dream. Situations are unstable, be patient. Expect news of a birth.

Forces that Oppose You

Four of Cups

A period of rest in your life and dissatisfaction with material gains. Re-evaluation of your goals.

Other Forces that Oppose You

The Hierophant

An invitation to open yourself to the Inner Voice. Intuitive feelings should be brought to bear on your current problem. Tradition should be adhered to. News of a ceremony reaches you.

Energies You Need to bring to the Forefront

Ten of Cups

You will surprise those close with a new foundfeeling of contentment. New friendships create harmony. You must visit my wishing well, mental plans made now bode well for the future.

The Outcome

The Moon

A message appears in a day dream. Victory of the soul over the confusion of the mind. A psychic revelation will leave you amazed, do not be afraid.