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Tap in to Your Authentic Power



You the Significator and Your Life Force

The Magician

The Magicians wand takes great energy from above & channels it into reality. You can bring anything in to being through the force of your will, if you want it badly enough.

That Which Influences Your Thoughts

Death Reversed

You are experiencing a total transformation. Now is the time to start over; change everything. Something is not working, let it go & move on.

That Which Influences Your Emotions

King of Swords

Seek advice from a long term friend. Involvement with those in authority is a challenge. A person who has opposing views to you should be avoided. Be strong, make a choice, you will develop leadership in close relationships.

That Which Influences Your Spirit

The High Priestess Reversed

A surprise journey is indicated. Trust to the power of perception & a new exciting path will be revealed. A forgotten friend brings messages in a dream.

That Which Influences Your Physical Self

Five of Wands

An obstacle hinders your advancement, think outside the box, you will succeed where before you have stumbled. A neighbour offers useful information.

Forces that Oppose You

Nine of Swords

You feel anxious & overwhelmed. These feelings are not real, you must make a choice to release yourself from negativity. Stress must be dispersed.

Other Forces that Oppose You

Ten of Wands

Be careful to not force your opinion on another. Be strong but remember, respect is key now. A collection of images needs to be sorted. A family member needs to be contacted.

Energies You Need to bring to the Forefront


Judgement predicts the satisfactory accomplishment of work well done, regeneration of mind & body after a period of exertion, triumph over all odds, legal matters succeed.

The Outcome

Seven of Swords Reversed

Unexpected help or information is offered. You have been carrying a burden, put it down. Be clear, think carefully. Use your charm to diffuse this situation, you can get what you want.