Unravelling Your Truth: A Deep Dive into the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

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Checking my website stats today one free reading is streets ahead attracting ten times it’s closest competitor. I have used this spread since I was gifted my first deck 40+ years ago & in my opinion it is the ultimate classic. The tarot celtic cross free reading has been a staple of my website for 20 years & given countless readings and received many positive reviews, check out the various versions on my free tarot pages & read on to discover the structure & magic of this iconic tarot spread.

Steeped in centuries of mystical lore, the Tarot is a remarkable tool for introspection, empowerment, and understanding. Among its many spreads, the Celtic Cross holds a special place. Comprised of ten potent cards, it paints a comprehensive picture of your situation, helping unravel your truth in all its complexity.

The Celtic Cross free reading is not just about predicting the future—it’s about capturing the essence of your current circumstances, your past influences, your hopes and fears, and the likely outcomes. Let’s embark on a journey to understand the layers of this powerful tarot spread and how it can bring clarity into your life.

  1. The Heart of the Matter: The first card placed in the centre of the cross represents the core of your situation. It’s the foundation, the crux of the question you’re asking.
  2. The Obstacle: Crossing over the first card, the second one symbolises the immediate challenge or obstacle that stands in your way. It is often the crux of the problem you are addressing.
  3. The Past: The third card, placed to the left, reveals the past events that have led you to your current situation. It provides context and uncovers the roots of the issue.
  4. The Present: The fourth card, placed at the centre below, reflects your current status—your thoughts, feelings, and actions related to the matter at hand.
  5. The Future: Placed to the right, the fifth card indicates the immediate future. It provides a glimpse of the events and energies that are about to unfold.
  6. Above You: The card above signifies your potential—the best outcome for your situation, what you are aiming for, or your ideal self.
  7. Below You: Reflecting your subconscious mind, this card reveals your underlying feelings, your deepest desires, and your inner fears or hopes.
  8. Your Influence: Placed on the right side, this card represents how others see you, their perceptions of you, or the influence they have on your situation.
  9. Your Hopes and Fears: The penultimate card represents your hopes, fears, or both concerning your situation. These are the feelings that guide your decision-making process.
  10. The Outcome: The final card foresees the potential outcome, based on your current path. It’s not set in stone—it’s a forecast that allows you to change your actions if desired.

As you can see, the Celtic Cross is more than a Tarot spread—it’s a path to self-discovery, revealing layers of truth that empower you to make informed decisions and understand your place in the world.

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