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The Power of the Zodiac
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Your Self Overall

The Hanged Man

You will be surprised by your clarity of vision. The Hanged man indicates a period of unbridled creativity, he knows that life is constantly changing. What happens when you are no longer suspended ?

Your Current Mood (The Card of Aries)

Three of Pentacles

Material fortunes grow. Crafts or arts are mastered.

Matters Concerning Finance (The Card of Taurus)

The Fool

The Fool always releases your untapped potential & throws you in to an exciting new phase of your life. Think before you speak. Beware not to chase rainbows, keep your feet on the ground.

Matters Concerning Travel and Communication (The Card of Gemini)

The Emperor

The Emperor is telling you that you are to face a challenge in the near future. Focus your energy to follow this project to completion, you will receive more than fair recognition for your efforts.

Matters of the Home, Parents and Children (The Card of Cancer)

Two of Wands

You must find the perfect balance in your commitments. You have more influence than you realise. A choice though confusing has an exciting outcome.

Matters of Pleasure (The Card of Leo)

Two of Cups Reversed

The problem on your mind has two possible outcomes. Think carefully before making choices, listen to advice warily. Your situation is finely balanced & a close friendship needs attention.

Matters of Health (The Card of Virgo)

Ten of Swords

Make sure your goal is realistic. Do you really have a plan ?. The inevitable closing of a chapter promises a new dawn. The only way is up !.

Matters of Partnerships and Marriage (The Card of Libra)


Judgement predicts the satisfactory accomplishment of work well done, regeneration of mind & body after a period of exertion, triumph over all odds, legal matters succeed.

Matters of Death and Inheritance (The Card of Scorpio)

Ten of Cups

You will surprise those close with a new foundfeeling of contentment. New friendships create harmony. You must visit my wishing well, mental plans made now bode well for the future.

Matters of the Spiritual, Education and Dreams (The Card of Sagittarius)

The Hierophant Reversed

The Hierophant draws attention to your moral life. A steady, cautious, traditional, non-revolutionary approach to your situation is called for. Be humble

Matters of Career (The Card of Capricorn)

Seven of Pentacles

A lull in the growth of ventures. Speculation may not be wise at this time. Success may not be known.

Matters of Friendship (The Card of Aquarius)

The Lovers Reversed

Value your relationships above all else. Show those around you that you care, develop a healthy attitude to every interaction, release any negative feelings.

Matters of Burdens, Opposition and Fears (The Card of Pisces)

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Every turn of The Wheel enables you to develop an improved version of yourself. What is happening in your life at this time will pass into something better.