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Paul O'Mara

Digital Artist, Tarot Reader

With Irish roots and Somerset upbringing trawling the mystical alleys of Glastonbury, his unique blend of cultural influences and artistic talent forged his distinct approach to self-expression. His art captivates, transcending genres and narrating powerful stories.



After gaining his degree in fashion & textiles Paul rode the 1980s desktop publishing wave, embarking on a journey spanning illustration, fashion, graphics, TV, web design, NFTs, generative AI, meta humans and anything else he could wave a brush or click a mouse at. He’s worked worldwide, drawing wisdom from diverse cultures, enriching his art with life’s challenges.


Starting his day with a daily tarot card reading on Instagram, Paul intertwines mysticism with creativity. Tarot and art are his guiding lights, helping him embrace life’s surprises.

Paul O’Mara’s boundless enthusiasm drives him forward, transcending boundaries, and creating soul-touching art. Voraciously curious he is excited to see where his journey leads next.

Arcana 1 NFT Collection

Who am I? – mixed media


She loved her masks, she was an only child, she had no one else, the masks became her silent companions.

Tarot & Astrology

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