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Premium Readings


The Celtic Cross

Embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery with the timeless Celtic Cross Spread – a revered Tarot layout that has guided souls for centuries.

Unveil the mysteries of your path, whether you seek answers to a burning question or a profound glimpse into your  current situation.

Unlock the secrets of your destiny, and let the Tarot cards illuminate your way.

Ready to dive into the enchantment of the Celtic Cross Spread? Take the first step towards clarity and insight now.

✨ Experience the magic today 🌟”


Β£10 (approx $12.50)

The Relationship Reading

Are you ready to dive deep into the realm of love and investigate your soulmate connections? Look no further than my exclusive 7-card Tarot spread, crafted with precision and using my personally designed deck.

Unlock the mysteries of your heart, and let the cards unveil the hidden truths of your relationships. Whether you have burning questions or simply crave a deeper understanding, this spread is tailor-made for you. Focus your mind and ask the deck to reveal the secrets that will shape your romantic future.

🌟 Discover your soulmate’s secrets today! 🌟


Β£7.50 (approx $9.50)

The 3 Card Spread

Based on many thousands of readings my 3 card virtual Tarot using my personally designed deck is waiting with your answers. Simply enter your name & questions & let this powerful reading unlock your future.

Β£2.50 (approx $3)

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