Three of Pentacles TAROT MEANING

The Lord of the Material World
Three of Swords Tarot

Three of Pentacles - RECOGNITION

Hidden value


Three Pentacles are seen floating around a new architectural structure, a dreamlike sky is seen in the background.


When the three of Pentacles appears your talents are recognized and any outstanding payments for work completed can be expected. Your reputation will spread in front of you, you have exceeded expectations and you've gone beyond your comfort zone to bring a project to conclusion in record time. Your talents are set to pay off, though you have not been great at blowing your own trumpet or showing exactly what you are capable of. In fact on several occasions you have allowed others to take recognition. Any form of challenge tests or exams, especially if related to business will have a positive conclusion. Now that you're confident in your abilities you should see this card as a springboard for your future, you should not rest on your laurels and should move swiftly to an even more challenging prospect. Someone in authority is set to recognize your true potential and several offers may be forthcoming. This card indicates that the person works not for material gain but purely satisfaction, they are not likely to stay in a job that doesn't fulfill them emotionally. Ambition will be important when the card arrives in your reading, you should think carefully about what would truly make you happy and strive to achieve it, this is certainly not a card that appears if someone lacks ambition. The Three of Pentacles symbolises someone who is in the zone, someone who can energise a team and can bring any project to a fast, professional conclusion. in some ways this card is a predecessor of the Eight Pentacles and appears frequently when someone is considering changing career to follow their dreams. The Three of Pentacles - Be ready to accept recognition and rewards.


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The Court cards of the suit of Pentacles are the embodiment of the element of Air that represents thought & intelligence. The Pentacles are the mirrors of the subconscious & represent the development of opinions & beliefs. Usually associated with potential they can often indicate an affinity with spring & can be represented by Aquarius, Libra & Gemini astrologically. An abundance of Pentacles in a questioners spread can prove challenging & a balance of other suits is preferable to diffuse the severity of these double edged cards. Intelligence is central to the Court cards of the Pentacles suit, though if badly placed or reversed can indicate that the person is likely to be stubborn & not easy to negotiate with. Ambition, mental agility & decisive action surround this court & as the Sword is perfectly balanced you have to be careful to encourage positivity from any of the characters that populate this suit.

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