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Psychic Reading FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions about my psychic readings – If your question isn't here please get in touch.

What qualifications do your psychics have?

I have been having & giving psychic readings for 40 years. Quite simply the readers you see recommended by me are the very best psychics & clairvoyants I have found. As well as that they all have to adhere to a strict code of practice as to what they can reveal & what they can discuss. For example health matters can not be discussed & you should expect a qualified reader to suggest you seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner if that is your area of concern

Can a reader connect with anyone?

After the initial connection has been made you should feel that the reader has tuned in to you. Don’t stay silent for fear of ‘giving anything away’, it doesn’t work like that. A good reading should be like a dance between two souls. Many of my clients tell me they have connected with several different readers, you can always check out my psychic reviews page to see what people are saying about the readings that they have had. If for any reason you feel that you aren’t connecting with a reader simply end the call within 5 minutes & go back to reception who will be happy to connect you with another reader who may be more attuned to your wavelength.

Which reader should I choose?

You should always go with your heart, you can get an impression of the readers who are currently available from my readers profiles page by clicking here : Best Psychic readers profiles 2019

Should I press the reader to give me specific dates?

In my experience specific timings occasionally come through, you get an impression that something is definitely going to occur in the fall for example. However I have discovered that specific dates can be picked up from what the questioner is expecting to happen so often I suggest not expecting timings to be exact as there are so many factors that can impact the impressions received around dates & times.

Can a psychic reader help me get over my heartbreak or tell me if I can get my ex back?

Matters of the heart are often the most perplexing scenarios to decode. Many questioners are in the throws of a break up & haven’t yet had the time to recover from a row or a breakup. I have seen many relationships grow stronger when someone has managed to rekindle a connection, you shouldn’t expect some magic to happen that will bring your ex back. You need to be honest with yourself if that is a possibility or even what you truly want. A good reader will pick up on your energy & give you guidance as to which path will bring you comfort & happiness, there really is no magic wand around relationships which is why we find them so confusing & exciting!

Are there any things a psychic can’t talk about?

All my Psychics & Clairvoyants are bound by a strict code of practice. Legal matters, Financial or health related issues can not be discussed & you should refer to the relevant help organisations or a medical professional. Serious relationship issues or matters relating to pregnancy also will not be discussed.

Can I give feedback?

This service is designed around you. We operate a professional, ethical service. We welcome feedback via the contact channels & especially love your reviews of exceptional readers. The readers do an amazing job that can be hard work, though all the readers love what they do. Readers love positive feedback, you can see some examples on the psychic reviews page. If for any reason you are not happy or have a question please reach out to us via the customer numbers & we will do our very best to help, we really are there for you & customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Where do I start when I want a psychic reading?

The best place to stsrt is to look for recommendations or check out some of the psychic reviews. When you have decided which type of reading you require, head over to the book a psychic reading page.

Where can I get a free psychic reading

All of my free offers are listed on my free psychic readings page

How do I find a psychic reading near me?

It is best to ask around for recommendations locally via word of mouth. If you aren't able to find a reader near you my expert recommended professional Psychics & Clairvoyants are waiting with your answers via telephone or text.

Are all your free psychic readings online?

Predominantly yes though I do very occasionally give one to one / face to face psychic readings. Make sure you are signed up to my list to stay informed of any events I am attending or readings I am giving.

As well as psychic readings what other services do you provide?

You can find may of my services listed on all of my sites. However, my website grew from the free resources you will find throughout my pages. My free talking readings are there to be thought provoking & give you inspiration to live your life to it’s absolute fullest. My blogs, free horoscopes & Tarot Instagram feeds are always there to excite & inspire. I truly hope you enjoy my sites, I love creating them. All the very best Paul O’Mara