New Years resolution failed ? – 2013

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How’s the New year resolutions?. Everyone says “god this year MUST be better than last year” & make endless goals to enhance the process. The truth is, your life is your responsibility, whatever you think becomes your reality. This year ( If it’s your bag ) Mercury melds in to Capricorn to literally blow away the cobwebs & regrets & REVEAL THE MAGIC So download Your Free Horoscope Astrology report here ! . So many people who visit me are carrying baggage that REALLY needs to be left in the past. How many times have you awoken thinking ” Oh my God !, what did I say, Do, post on Facebook ? ” Whatever … At this time of year some of that can be down to the excitement of the season … But in reality has it really had any serious repercussions ?, usually NO !. Leave the past, live for the moment & MANIFEST The future. This is Your incarnation, your chance why waste it on regrets !?
If you are developed enough ( & CLUE by reading this you are ! )  Your Clarity & ability to develop a Teflon ( other coatings are available !) shell, will FORCE you as to what to leave behind & what to explode in to 2013.
To be around in this of history is a massive privilege & if you have something to say or do, do it now & be joyous about it !

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Whatever happens I truly hope you manifest your most amazing year yet. 2013 is a REAL shift in consciousness, snap out of the drudge & routine & GRAB your slice of life !
Loads of love, Paul
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To a fantastic year xxxx

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