Mystic Parties from Mystic Charms

A quick post to announce an exciting new service from my friend Julie Woods, The Mystic behind Mystic Charms.

Now you can have a Mystic party in your own home, hosted by one of Julie's fabulously helpful agents, maybe even me!. Even better sign up your self & start making an income with this easy, fun business proposition … below you can read the introduction from Julie's fab new brochure. Click on the logo or follow any of the links to find out more about Mystic Parties from Mystic Charms ….

Mystic Charms, the new and exciting way to spiritual independence and freedom.

these pages you will find the potential to unlock the secrets of the
cosmos and to connect with your inner being. Unlimited potential awaits

the pages of this site you will find a wide selection of hand-picked
products to enhance your lifestyle. Whether you want to find love, earn
more money, stop smoking, rebalance your chakras or just find inner
peace and enlightenment in today’s busy world, there is something within
these pages to help you.

products I have chosen have been carefully selected to represent a wide
range of prices and spiritual disciplines; from adults to children –
there is literally something for everyone.

An income with Mystic Charms & Mystic Parties

a business proposition, Mystic CharmsTM has already helped thousands of
people to become financially independent earning an extra income in a
relaxed and fun way. Why not join us in the ever-growing Mind, Body and
Spirit marketplace? If you have some time to spare and want to earn more
money, why not consider becoming one of our Agents? The possibilities
are endless.

I hope that you will have as much fun browsing the pages of this site, as I have had putting it together for you.

You can place an order for any of our products from our brochure as well as find additional items not available in the brochure.

A 5% discount is available if you quote your local Mystic Charms Parties Agents details.

Details of your nearest Agent can be found via our forum HERE

Peace and good fortune.

Julie Woods


Mystic Charms – Mystic Parties

Mystic Parties is part of the Mystic Charms group.

Somerset Road, Wyton, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE28 2HG

VAT Registration no 985 3445 80

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