International Psychic Readers, Tolerance, Love, Dreams & Belief, Happy 2010 !

Psychic Readers, Tolerance, Love, Dreams & Belief, Happy 2010 !

I feel that anyone can believe anything they like, as long as those beliefs do not directly impact  on someone else's freedom or life. I believe that I can offer advice that can improve a person's life through the power of a Psychic or Tarot reading & help them achieve their goals. Many people mock this belief, in fact by law I have to state that I only offer my talents as 'Psychic entertainment'. Any one who contacts my team of readers has to endure the ' Calls cost £1.50 per minute blah, blah …' I am more than happy to comply with these regulations as I am proud of my service & constantly receive rave reviews & even test my readers myself, I enjoy it. In fact just days ago I had a reading with Psychic Shelly 4304 that validated many things, including names & dates, that she absolutely had no means of knowing. Why then does it bother me that I have to constantly identify myself as a 'Psychic entertainer'. I have explored many organised religions being born a Catholic with a C of E mother. I have studied Buddhism & interestedly researched many different belief systems around the globe. One thing that bothers me is ( & this is where it gets sticky ), why do priests not have to call themselves 'Religious Entertainers' ?. Why do they not have to make endless disclaimers about their beliefs ?. ' These events may or may not have occurred, etc' … I know this is where devout Christians & Catholics will start ranting & calling me a heathen but frankly I have heard it all before.

When belief gets truly dangerous is when an individual believes that he has the right to board a 'plane carrying explosives & attempt to kill countless innocent victims and destroy their families and loved ones lives forever. When he truly believes that he will be rewarded in Paradise with endless riches & virgins, this is indeed a deluded, dangerous form of belief. Now I am going to be called anti Islamic. Again nothing can be further from the truth. I have spent much of the last 2 years living in Istanbul right next to a mosque & enjoying the regular 'Call to prayer'. I have made several trips to Sri Lanka, India & Pakistan and met fantastic people whose beliefs, though maybe different from mine, are equally as valid yet do not endanger the World as we know it. I know that my flight home will be hugely delayed, again I am obviously happy to comply with any security reviews, unfortunately I know that the next few months will also see many more attempts by radical extremists. We must find the technology to defeat these maniacs.

If we are to move our beautiful planet towards really joy, Love & Peace then we all have to become much more tolerant. I am lucky enough to be performing readings in the sun over the holiday period. I am amazed to constantly hear comments such as …. ” They're just not like us”, “The bread tastes funny”, “They put ORANGE in my salad !” PLEAASE … If you are going to travel to new cultures you must embrace those differences or what is the point of travel ? Stay at home !..

Let's embrace our differences & work towards peace & joy the world over, a naive dream I know but we can always have hope …

I saw in the New Year with Champagne & an amazing fireworks display

My first blog post of 2010 what a fantastic year it is shaping up to be, I hope it finds you as happy as I am !

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