Happy Holidays & Success for 2009 Paul O’Mara MindReader

A Seasonal Greeting …& Psychic MindReading …

If you do not celebrate Christmas please bear with me ..

If you are here for the Mind Reader find it here Psychic MindReading

I am truly non denominational & hope you take my thoughts in the spirit that they were coded : Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Whatever !  
My only wish is a cliché but is no more relevant than today, Peace & Tolerance.As an
example, I have recently returned from Pakistan & can only pass on
the feelings I experienced whilst traveling this beautiful country.
There is always a minority that will try & ruin it for everybody,
Let's make the world the best we can …

I wish you Peace & great success in 2009

Thank You for your continued support …

if you would like a hint as to which direction to follow in 2009 you can still consult my cards here for a free, full ten card, Tarot Reading …. The Tree of Life

Love & Light ,

Paul O'Mara

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